Hard to think of a better way to make money than to win a lottery. Unfortunately, I can't tell you how to do that - if I could, I would be out enjoying my yachts rather than running websites. However, the only sure way to NOT win is to NOT enter. With the popularity of the web, there are more and more FREE lottery sites, offering millions upon millions of dollars of prizes, that you can enter from the comfort of your home (or desk at work) without investing one red cent.

I have collected here a number of sites offering just that; free lotteries that you can enter, some as often as once per hour. I have not included contests or promotions that come and go (there are literally thousands of them), but rather concentrated on those which you can keep on entering.

This page will remain as you open the various lotteries. Bookmark this single page and go and play all (or as many as you have time for) lotteries listed here every day. These links will take you to the play areas after you have signed up.

Multi - Purpose

EZ Sweeps - First you sign up for their $5,000,000 birthday game, than it gets better. These guys give a single keystroke entry to LOTS of different lotteries and contests. AND, if the contest takes entries daily, every day you log in it automatically enters you into all the contests you have picked in the past without you having to do anything, then lets you pick one extra single key contest entry per day. If you only have time to log into one contest site per day, MAKE THIS ONE IT!!


Email Lotto - $1,000,000 top prize, 1 weekly and 10 daily entry!

Webmillion - 10 Entries per day (can win more) for $3,000,000. Also several other games of luck or skill with varying prizes.

Moneyballs - One million dollar top prize for 7 numbers, $10,000 for 6. Instant online lotto, 100 entries per day!!

Cashbreak - One million dollar top prize, 3 entries per day, 2 drawings per week, plus another 20 bi-weekly draw tickets

Luckysurf - One entry per day, one million dollar prize.

Free Money Lotto - Play daily for a weekly shot at (up to) one million dollars

GotoSweepstakes  - Free Instant Lotto Win $10,000 Instantly!!

Grouplotto - 6-7 Entries per day (5 days/week) for a jackpot between 1 - 10 million (depending on how many people enter)

I Must Lotto - Play 3 times PER HOUR(!) for a $50,000 top prize. Also have 2 guaranteed winner lottos where they take one number out a day until someone wins! Cool!

Freelotto - One entry per day in each of 6 lotteries - Win over $11,000!

Sure Lotto - Play 3 times daily for a large progressive jackpot.

Fun Lotto - Weekly drawing for $100,000

Sweepstakes / Contests

NX2 - Compete, Conquer, Cash Out! - Skill gaming website. Play for free or challenge for cash!

Sweeps Club - Numerous sweeps to enter, categorized, get points for entering, nicely automated entries

Giant Rewards - Register, then go to contest center.

Win Free Stuff - Guess what you can do here? Usually nothing real big, but winning anything is good.

Webstakes - More contests than I care to list. They start with an instant scratch for cash ticket, play 3 per day, with a $100,000 top prize.

Win a Million Dollars - One guess here!! Real easy entry, name and email and you're in!

Jackpot - Win a million bucks, or numerous other prizes.

My Sweepstakes - Enter once a week for a prize like a car

Big Prizes - You play easy games for points, than use them to win prizes.

Stop 2 Win - Various sweeps offerings of cash and prizes, with extra entries for playing a trivia game

Publisher's Clearing House - Does it really need an introduction?

Although this site is geared towards free online lotteries and games, if you feel the urge to gamble, or buy actual lottery tickets from around the world, especially when you here they are getting huge, check out these sites. Or, how about software, tips, or tricks to help the true lottery addict!

Silver Vegas - Quite simply the best online casino I have ever seen. This is the real deal, and so are the payouts.

Lotteryshop - Buy lottery tickets from around the world

Lotto Hat is an exciting new lottery program that attacks the lotteries from several directions at once. Lotto Hat lottery software makes the tough strategy decisions easy, based on probability comparisons to your actual lottery results game history.  

Other Lotto Portals:

Online Lotto Guide - Lottery portal offering links to both free and paid lotto sites, as well as various lottery resources.

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*NOTE - Prize amounts, descriptions, frequencies, links, and everything else described on this page are subject to change by the individual site administrators and are therefore not guaranteed accurate. I will make every effort to keep these descriptions current and up to date.